Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Trip to the V-E-T

Cat Couch here:

Chatham made another trip to the vet to see if the bladder infection had finally cleared up - it hasn't. So a third round of the antibiotics for him. Dr. Gratson said that it's not uncommon for older cats to have a hard time during the winter to shake off this sort of thing. My husband, who took him there, started to cry and the vet said that Chatham was alert and not in any pain. She said that we shouldn't lose hope yet.

Unfortunately, Chatham's weight has gone down again. I feed him in our bed a good bit (if only to keep Salem from getting to it!). Baby food ham and tuna - even his favorite, saltine crackers - are offered. We do try to get him to eat his real cat food because of the nutrients. Chatham is still interested in food, just doesn't eat what we offer.

The litter boxes are no longer in the basement, but are on the first floor. Chatham does come down from upstairs to use it. (He's not that good about covering up and Salem has taken to doing it after Chatham leaves.)

For the most part, Chatham has been spending his time up on our bed. I go up several times a day to offer food or to visit. Sometimes he'll come down in the evening when I'm watching tv and sit on my lap.

Yesterday I went down to the basement to do some laundry. The basement door has been closed to Chatham and Salem since we moved the boxes up, and this time I forgot to completely close it when I went down. Chatham came down and went straight to where "his" box used to be. I told him "no" and to go back upstairs. Naturally, he did.

He's such a smart boy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back from the V-E-T

Well, Dad took Salem and me to the V-E-T. It was a regular check-up, so we got shots. For good measure, our nails were clipped. Dad told Cat Couch that I scared him because I got so mad and made so much noise!

I haven't lost any more weight, which is good. Dad asked if I could be given some TUNA and she said if it didn't upset my stomach - YES!! I can have baby bean food, too, but I still have to get some cat food because of new-trish-yun.

(That fat ol' Salem is more than 13 pounds and has to eat less ... hee hee ...)

I still have some medicine left so I'll have my pee checked in a few days.

Thanks to furryones for all the well wishing and kind thoughts. I could feel them! I'll have to have a nap-pile soon with everyone.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Cat Couch here again:

Chatham seems to be feeling better. This morning he spent an hour and a half on my lap, which he hasn't done in a long time. Yesterday he actually forced Salem out of the catbed that was in the afternoon sun! I also gave him a bath - the Vet didn't advise that I do this because she thought it would stress him out. But quite frankly, nothing really fazes Chatham (bothers, yes, but not frighten). He's just not limber anymore and is dehydrated - just can't bathe himself like he used to. I think that he feels better now that he's clean.

He's still not eating enough to make us happy. And since his Cosequin (for arthritis) gets mixed in his food, he's not getting a full dose. We'll have to give it to him in a pill form if he doesn't do better. He's interested in food, but won't always eat. We've taken the suggestions given to us and we are trying everything ...

Needless to say, this Grumpy Ol' Man in a Fur Coat
is getting the royal treatment!

We offer food and beg him to eat it frequently. Yesterday he ate dry food offered one nugget at at time, but not all at once (does he have us wrapped around his paw or what?)

Hopefully his check up on the 19th will show improvement.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

NOT feeling much better

Cat Couch here ...

Chatham was getting better, but then seemed to be feeling bad again. He had a follow-up exam with the Vet on Tuesday. The good news is that the bladder infection was better, but the bad news is that it wasn't gone. So that means another ten days of antibotics.

And Chatham has lost more weight. In his "hay day" he was over 12 pounds. Now the scale didn't even quite get to 8 pounds. He's lost .3 pounds in ten days. He seems to be a little nauseated. We bought a "Magic Bullet" to puree food and to mix in some fiber and the Cosequin.

He's been spending most days up in our bed, coming down to use the litter boxes (I did move one up to our bedroom for a day, but he seemed annoyed by that). I bring food up to him frequently and encourage him to eat. He'll usually eat a little each time I do this.

Hopefully the medicine will work better this time. I'll keep you all updated.

~ Cat Couch (aka dddragon)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Feeling Much Better

Chatham and Salem sleep in Cat Couch/Dad's bed
All your good wishes have made their way to me and I'm doing much better now. I spent pretty much all week in Cat Couch and Dad's bed. Today I did come down and stay awhile in the window.

I know that I complain about all the stuff my Beans do to me, and all that medicine stuff - and I also know that it's all helping me. The Cosequin is helping me stiffness and the fluid makes my fur softer and my mouth doesn't feel so dry.

I just don't have to like it!

(and yup, the litter boxes are still upstairs.)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Getting Old is No Fun

Yesterday was a bad day for me. Just felt bad and sick all day. The Beans kept checking on me - which is nice - but I just wanted to be left alone. {{sigh}} I can't even use the litter box without one of them coming to see what I'm doing. {{geez}}

I am feeling much better today. Cat Couch keeps bringing me food, but I'm not that hungry.

This bunch of stuff is from my medicine box. Well, one of them is from the coldfoodbox. The water bag hangs in the noisebox room (aka TV). Grandpa Poppie says it looks like his medicine box. {{swell}}

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rabbit Rabbit

It's time to say "Rabbit Rabbit" for good luck during the month of October!

I could use some luck ... Cat Couch had to take me to the V-E-T a couple of days ago because I couldn't poop or pee (well, I finally did poop on the kitchen floor). Turns out that I've got a bladder infection.

*sigh* another pill for a while.