Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Warm Sun

It's gotten warm here - and we had snow not long ago! Weird weather.
I just love napping in the sun!
Cat Couch here: well, we had a small crisis this weekend. We discovered Saturday night that we had run out of the fluid that Chatham gets twice a day. We did not want to have him go until sometime Monday morning without hydration - Dad was in a minor panic. Of course, we could take Chatham to the emergency vet clinic to be hydrated (they wouldn't/couldn't sell us a bag of fluid), but that's rough on Chatham (and our wallet!).
We did leave a message on our Vet's machine, hoping that someone might check it before Monday morning. Then we remembered Dr. Henry who used to subsitute for Dr. Gratson. We looked in the phone book and thought that we might have the right Dr. Henry and left a message for her ("... if this is the Dr. Henry who..."). She wasn't in the area, but she had checked her messages and called us later Saturday night. She did indeed have bags of fluid to sell to us (she now has a large animal practice). And it turns out that she lives not too far away. She remembered Chatham and was happy to hear that he was doing okay.
Monday morning our regular Vet's office called after they listened to the messages - they were worried about Chatham. Dad had to assure them that Chatham was okay and everything worked out fine. And then he went in to get extra bags and needles.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Well, I got taken to the Vet again. And she did UNSPEAKABLE things to me. geeez. Just because I hadn't pooped lately, I get abused! {{humpf!}}

So when Cat Couch carried me out from the back, I wasn't in a good mood. And it didn't get any better when a humungous dog stuck his nose up at me.
Yah, sure he was just being friendly. Big, dumb, dopey smelly drooly dog wants to be friends.
Well, not with ME and not after what I had just been through.
So without a flinch or pause, I hissed/growled my loudest.
HaHA that big dumb scaredy dog buried his face in his bean's lap (she wasn't happy about the drool on her pants!).
I guess I told him who was boss!
(Cat Couch note here: The dog in question was a Mastiff and his owner told me that he weighed 175 pounds. Chatham weighs less than nine pounds these days. It was truly funny!)

Monday, March 12, 2007


Cat Couch here:

Well, about a week ago we came home to discover that Chatham had come downstairs. He hasn't come down the stairs in many weeks! He's done it about five times now, which is encouraging. He's still not getting his business entirely in the litter box (somehow we can't quite convince him that just because his feet are in the box that it means that his rearend is in!).

Starting last night he's not been feeling well - I think he's constipated, despite getting pumpkin and Laxaire. I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon to have him checked out (and to get "it" out if need be).
(In this photo, you can see how Chatham's fur on one side of his face is fading in color. Siamese cats are born light-colored and get darker with age.)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rabbit Rabbit

Well, it's a new month already. I still get stuck twice a day. My stupid legs still are wobbly. I'm saying "Rabbit Rabbit" in hopes that they don't get worse. Cat Couch and Dad aren't happy about me missing the litter box, but they keep cleaning up. (sometimes it's ME that gets cleaned up!)
I "got" to visit the Vet to get weighed. I haven't lost weight, which makes everyone happy. Cat Couch had a couple of errands, so I got to visit a flower shop and a HomeDepot (wow, was it big!). At the HomeDepot people kept fussing at me. Cat Couch had bundled me in a blanket and put me in her coat. Some people thought I was a babybean or a dog (!?). Silly beans.
I hope furryone is doing well. I'm hanging in there.