Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Update

Cat Couch here again:

Chatham hadn't had a BM since Thursday afternoon. He was peeing all the time (and not always making it to the box. He got me a couple of times when he couldn't move fast enough or I couldn't move fast enough out of the way). Thank goodness for your suggestions to use the "pee pads"! They sure do help.
Anyway - we were really concerned, because it seemed like Chatham was straining alot without result. I took him in to the Vet in the afternoon (first available opening) to see if he needed depooping.
As it turns out, he didn't. It appears that the infection is urinary and that he just needs to take the full course of medicine.
Now, the bad part of all of this is that once we were at the Vet's, Chatham started to growl and meow angrily. And it got worse and worse ... he hissed and snapped at me. The Vet had to eventually MUZZLE him!! It was awful.
The others in the waiting room couldn't believe that such an old cat could cause such a ruckus.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday morning UPDATE

(see the post below from yesterday)

Chatham has slept with us since he was eight weeks old, we weren't about to stop that now, even if he has been peeing in bed. We've had middle-of-the-night bed and clothing changes now and then. Well, Hubby and I didn't get much sleep last night because Chatham was urinating so much. And now he really can't hold it long. If we can wake up enough to get him to the box (next to our bed) when he starts to meow, then we're okay; but if we can't ... well, let's just say that there's alot of laundry to do. (We have plastic on top of our flat sheet, then towels or another flat sheet on top of that - that's what we've been sleeping on lately) (anything for our ol' boy, ya know)

Chatham's urine has gotten to look more bloody, so we did our share of crying overnight, especially since we were getting up every 90 or so minutes to tend to him (and the bed, etc.) and were exhausted. Finally, it looks like the frequency has slowed, so I'm letting Hubby and Chatham sleep in. I called off work (my work hours have been cut back severely; this was my only day scheduled this week).

We'll keep a close eye on him, and take it day by day. So far his outlook (grumpy and bossy) hasn't changed.

It's sad when a body doesn't keep up with the mind. eh?

UPDATE to the UPDATE at 8:34 am:
okay, after having a pretty scary-red pee at 3:30 am, Chatham just presented us with a clear stream ... what's up? I'm cautiously happy, but I'll have to see if I can research what's going on. He had only one dose of the antibiotic yesterday, so I can't believe that that would be the answer this soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Cat Couch here ...

Sorry for the long absence! I haven't been to Blogger in a long time. I have my own issues that I'm trying to deal with, but I shouldn't have left you all in the dark for so long.

Chatham seemed to be getting better. Oh, yeah, he still has all those medicines to take (our fingers and hands bear the marks of his displeasure!) and get hydrated, but he is feisty (our "grumpy ol' man in a fur coat"), eating, pooping, demanding and bossy.

He has taken to begging to going outside.

We did let him out in the backyard for a little supervised walk and he really enjoyed it (and eating and barfing up grass, too).

Unfortunately, this afternoon we discovered blood in his urine. We did take a sample in to the vet, and there are no crystals. We have an antibiotic in hopes that it's "just" an infection. My husband was the one that took the sample in, and was quite upset - the vet's staff had to reassure him that Chatham has pulled thru lots of things and he was feisty (I had visited the office earlier today and Chatham scared the pee out of a puppy) and should pull thru.

Chatham will be 20 years old on June 13.