Friday, June 22, 2007

The Rainbow Bridge

Chatham crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon at 4:30.

With kidney failure and paralysis in his lower spine, I am happy to know that he now can bound without pain; that he can eat whatever he wants and that he will never have any more pills or needles.

We would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. This is a wonderful community that we belong to.


I've heard of dipping your toes in the water, but this is just plain silly!
Suddenly last night Chatham lost strength in all four of his legs. Up 'til now it was just his back legs that gave him trouble. This morning I held him so that he could pee in his litter box. He would drink and eat some when I held bowls for him. I was just now encouraged that he did lift himself up enough to reach over the cat bed to drink some water by himself (the bowls are on boxes to bring them up to a more comfortable level for him).

We don't know what today will bring. We'll call the Vet and see if there is anything that can be done.

This photo was taken last month. Chatham had fallen asleep with his chin in his water bowl.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chatham Update

Outside the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg
Cat Couch here:

Well, after a good birthday, Chatham has taken a rather sudden downward turn.

His arthritic back legs seem to have gotten much worse - it's as if his hips are now turning both legs to the right.

We knew that his eyesight wasn't great, but now he is bumping into things a good bit. I've watched to see if there was a pattern; are we moving things around too much? But Chatham bumps into things that are never moved.

And we're not sure where he is mentally. He doesn't respond to us like he used to. He walks in circles as if he's confused about where he wants to go; however, this may also be because with his bad eyesight he isn't sure where he is or that his especially bad left rear leg is pivoting him around (and I do mean pivoting, sometimes!).

He cries or meows - we're pretty sure that he's not in pain - and we can't figure out what it is that he wants. We go through all the usual desires: food, getting him to the litter box, cuddling in just the right way, etc. All without satisfying whatever it was that he wanted.

So, we're just not sure what's up with our old baby. We continue to try and make him as happy and comfortable as possible and hope that this is just a bad phase - he's had them before and then took a good upward turn in health.

These photos were taken the day before his 20th birthday at my church. I sponsored the flowers at the previous Sunday's service in honor of his birthday; I took him in to meet our minister and secretary (and to pick up items for the newsletter that I do for the church).
Inside the foyer

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm tired!

Well, it looks like furrybody had a good time yesterday! I'm tired - not because of the party, but because Cat Couch took me out for awhile.

She's so nice to me ...
First, we visited the Vet. No, I didn't see HER, but we left cupcakes with Kira for everybean there. Cat Couch sez that we have to say thank you for all their help in keeping me around. (I WON'T say thank you for all the pricking and prodding, tho'!)

Then we went to Dad's office. He works on a Navy Depot base. I don't understand, because we're really, really far from any of the big waters. Dad sez it's because they need wearhouses in different places. (I didn't know that ships and submarines needed to have clothing.)

So many places to explore!
Everyone there made a big fuss over me. Cat Couch sez that I cost the Governmint alot of money because lots of people stopped working to admire me.

Yes, I am worthy of your admiration!
Aren't I worth it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to the Party!

Chatham is 20 years old today!

(I forgot to say that the party is an all-day affair:
please feel free to come and go as you like!)

I had to check to make sure Cat Couch used the right stuff.
Cat Couch and Dad made cakes and cupcakes. Dad is taking the cake to his work. Cat Couch will take cupcakes to the Vet, the Guest Vet and the Emergency Vet.

(Granny, there is plenty of cupcakes for you here, too!)
Silly Cat Couch had to put fake flowers on me and a stupid hat:

But then she put the hat on Salem, too! Heehee!

But now everything is ready for my party! Cat Couch says that we all can go and do whatever we want in the house today. She has stocked up on yummy foods, toys, soft beds and pillows and borrowed lots of climbing cat furniture. Dad put food in the birdy feeders, so we'll have plenty to watch out the windows (the squirrels will come, too, and they do alot of chasing each other!).

Since I'm so old, I am likely to nap a good bit, but don't let that keep you away and having fun. I can sleep through anything.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Heh, Heh, HA!
Salem's food tastes good!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Rabbit Birthday Rabbit

birthday rabbit
Well, not yet. It's coming up. My 20th Birthday, that is.

And everyone is invited over for the party on June 13.
Lots of tuna, catnip (for those of legal age), stinky food,
soft spots and toys, plus all kinds of critters to look at thru the windows.

Much the same with me. Cat Couch and Dad still give me medicines and sticks with the needle. I'm getting crankier about that. And fussier about food. If the stinky goodness can is more than a day old, then I won't eat it any more.

I'm tired of pumpkin and now my pooping is a bit of a problem. Cat Couch did take me one more time to the Vet for depooping, but the next time I was "full" she called the Vet to see if she could do something at home (yah!). Cat Couch went to a store and brought back something that she stuck up my butt (BOO!). But then I was able to poop, which was a relief.

Argh. Life is weird.

Hey, I want to nap! Take that flashy thing away!

Chatham Napping

Chatham Looks Up

Chatham Annoyed