Friday, February 03, 2006

Bilingual Cat


Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

Mom doesnt understand this language, so I better not learn another one! MEOW...

Oh, on the subject of is crazy here,( we live 70 miles from Washington) what with Seattle going to the Super Bowl......I am wondering, is a super bowl like a food bowl only bigger????

12:33 PM  
Blogger The Meezers said...

That is so funny. I wish i could speak woofie, then i could tell the woofie who lives behind us to be quiet.

3:20 PM  
Blogger AP3 said...

Eixnihps Garfield Pez was bilingual... She said "Meow" in English and "Miao" in Italian.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Tom & Icy said...


11:36 PM  
Blogger dddragon said...

good dog, Icy!

4:33 AM  
Blogger actonbell said...

ME? Woof? I don't think so!


8:17 AM  
Blogger Ariella said...

I wonder if more European cats are bilingual than those here in the US, like with people.
If so I think we would have to amend the assumption that it is all the school systems fault.
Maybe it is the water.

8:24 AM  
Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

Go Seahawks.

If your person wants a Seahawks shirt, I could probably arrange it. Should we wait until after to outcome of the game????


11:06 AM  
Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Mom actually forgot to get a cake. Unbelievable! She must be old!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Gigolo Kitty said...

That was hysterical!

5:51 PM  

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